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Incredible Waterfall at Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary Introduction:

The Rainsong Wildlife Rescue Center is under new management. Volunteers may now combine their service with Spanish, surfing, yoga and fire dancing classes. Please visit the Rainsong Wildlife Rescue Center website for info on how to volunteer.

Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary and Penjamo Community Wildlife Refuge has been created on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, on the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and near to the beach towns of Santa Teresa and Montezuma.

The Rainsong Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue Center are located in Cabuya, on the edge of Costa Rica's oldest National Park, "Reserva Natural Absoluta Cabo Blanco."

Our community refuge stretches from Playa Coyote to Paquera, including (to date) almost 3000 hectares (7500 acres) of protected habitat, a figure already larger than the nearby Cabo Blanco Reserve, and this figure is growing rapidly as additional property owners sign up.

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Our basic goals are:

Create a "Community" Wildlife Refuge by gathering signatures of conservation-minded individual landowners who are committed to stopping hunting and providing safe habitat for animals. In the first few weeks we have already signed up over 7500 acres to the Penjamo Community Wildlife Refuge.

Provide information and assistance in reforesting the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. We are already providing half-price seedlings of endangered hardwoods and native fruit trees favored by wildlife.

Operate a badly needed regional wildlife hospital for the rescue of injured or abandoned animals and birds.

Re-introduce endangered species to the areas where they've become extinct in the past few decades. These include the endangered Three-toed Sloth, Baird's Tapir, Quetzal, Spider Monkeys, Kinkajous, Tepezquintles (pacas), Tamandua Anteaters, Green Iguanas, Crested Guan, Chachalacs, native pigeons and quail, Scarlet Macaws...

Recent Volunteer Testimonials :



I've been at Rainsong for over two months now and I just can't seem to get enough of the animals. Taking care of baby monkeys never gets old, especially watching them play in the trees. The toucans and the legendary and ever-interesting Tarzan have made my stay pretty incredible. And then there's Cabuya - a tranquil, small place with friendly, absolutely lovely people. I've worked with a wonderfully diverse group of people who now feel like family. Mary is willing to help you with almost anything from getting to rainsong to arranging snorkeling trips to isla tortuga or giving you time off to enjoy the waterfalls and the beautiful nature around here. Overall if you'd like to work closely with some amazing wildlife and don't mind the inevitable bug bites then take the dive and come to Rainsong.

Rania E. July 2010



December 4, 2010

I spent 3 weeks here in 2008 and after saving up my holiday days from work I have been able to return to spend a month this year.

Whilst the setting is still the same, a beautiful and secluded spot in the rainforest in the lazy town of Cabuya. the sanctuary has developed and succeeded in taking on bigger projects, like sea turtle patrols on the local beaches (In our latest patrols we saved one nest of 111 eggs which are currently in our hatchery), and campaigning for the government to take further precautions to prevent wildlife electrocutions due to uninsulated electrical lines. In addition to the work with animals, rainsong works closely with the local schools in CONSERVATION EDUCATION, and a part of each donation is used to sponsor disadvantaged children through high school and provide elementary school uniforms to those children unable to afford them.

The sanctuary itself is currently full of monkeys, with an increasing number of orphaned monkeys being brought in because their mothers have been electrocuted. It's sad to see this trend, although when these monkeys are healthy, helping to raise them is incredibly rewarding.

There are several accommodation options, but if you are staying for more than a month I would highly recommend you stay at the sanctuary lodgehouse, [FREE LODGING !] which is a 2 story wooden hut overlooking the ocean. It is very basic and we have spotted the occasional tarantula and scorpion in the house, but as long as you take basic precautions, not much beats waking up to a view of the sunrise over the ocean, and hummingbirds & monkeys playing in the trees.

The local vet is in close contact with mary, providing help diagnosing and treating any injured animals, while Mary always seeks dietary advice from scientists, wildlife vets and other sanctuaries specializing in wildlife species. Mary is very strict in following the animal care protocols dictated to Rainsong by wildlife vets, biologists, and the Costa Rican government.

Mary arranges good discounts for many exciting tours and activities for the Rainsong volunteers, and she is very flexible about allowing extra days off for FUN TIME.

Some of the animals here won't ever be able to be released, like the very naughty but loveable Tarzan, the white faced capuchin who lost an arm after being attack by howler monkeys. However, we make sure these animals have the best quality of life possible. Tarzan, for example, enjoys many adventures out in the trees. The sanctuary always receives positive feedback from its regular monthly inspections from vets, biologists, and the government.

I would recommend anyone coming here who wants to spend time at one with nature. Spending time with these animals is a truly unique experience. Be warned, this is not for the faint hearted. It is a very lucky volunteer who leaves without at some point getting the wonderful gift of excrement from those generous monkeys.


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